What is Prudentia

Prudentia is a fast growing, end-to-end solutions provider in Education, Real Estate, Publications, Event and Media Management services and working with leading global organizations.

Prudentia delivers highly innovative, responsive and competitive solutions that help clients align their strategy with business goals to address the most important business needs through a combination of consulting solutions, proprietary methodologies, assets based services and a collaborative engagement model.

We deliver a full portfolio of services in Education, Publication, Real Estate, Event Management, Corporate Communications and Media Management that include educational consultancy, institutional consultancy, project development, institution development, institution management, brand development & management,implementation of common education systems across various regions and territories, implementation of common admission procedures across various regions and territories, implementation of common admission examinations across various regions and territories, business process improvement, strategic planning and implementation, shared service implementations, assisting higher education institutions in developing and sustaining partnerships around the world, and assist various governments and private investors in developing regional educational hubs.